As concerned individuals, we all have a vital role to play in protecting these magnificent ecosystems. Coral reefs are not just stunning natural wonders; they also support marine life, provide coastal protection, and contribute to the global economy. Join us in the fight against coral bleaching by exploring actionable steps and supporting our conservation science efforts through donations.

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Beyond Donations, It’s Up to Each of Us to Make Intentional Choices

  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
    By cutting down on energy consumption, using public transport, and supporting renewable energy sources, you contribute to mitigating climate change, which is a significant factor in coral bleaching.
  • Prioritize Sustainable Options
    Opt for eco-friendly products, reduce single-use plastic consumption, and choose seafood from sustainable sources. Your choices have a direct impact on the health of oceans and reefs. See Also Sunscreen 101: Protecting Your Skin and Coral Reefs
  • Support Marine Conservation Efforts
    Participate in local beach clean-ups and reef restoration projects. These hands-on activities make a tangible difference to the marine ecosystem. Even if you don’t live in a coastal area, all bodies of water lead to the ocean. Host a local clean-up in your landlocked state.
  • Spread Awareness
    Use your voice and social media platforms to raise awareness about coral bleaching and its consequences. Education is a powerful tool for change. It can be fun, too.
  • Engage with Policy Makers
    Advocate for policies that prioritize environmental protection, especially those related to carbon emissions and marine conservation.

Support Our Research and Conservation Initiatives

Donations play a crucial role in advancing our understanding of coral bleaching and developing effective conservation strategies. Your contribution directly fuels scientific research and on-the-ground efforts in each of our program areas.

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Let’s Take a Look at What You’re Supporting

Coral Reef Science

The Coral Reef Alliance is advancing coral conservation science to influence management of marine ecosystems, advance practices that accelerate coral’s ability to adapt to climate change, and to stop coral disease progression.

Our action is rooted in science.

Science shows that the ocean is warming and that coral reefs can adapt. CORAL is advancing coral conservation science to influence improved management of marine ecosystems and to understand how corals can adapt to climate change. CORAL invests in science and technology alongside partners to achieve global impact. In the last 2 years we’ve had 10 peer reviewed articles published, with additional manager-focused outreach publications toward our shared goal of saving coral reefs.

Resilient Coastal Communities

CORAL provides capacity building and financial support to local organization and leaders. We work through them to implement sustainable tourism and income diversification projects.

We recognize coastal communities are a critical partner when it comes to saving coral reefs from the impacts of climate change and other threats. Our support extends to families, fishers, nonprofit organizations, and local governments to ensure management decisions are locally informed, and culturally appropriate to ensure long-term success.

Sustainable Fisheries

We build sustainable fisheries by patrolling to enforce regulation, creating new marine protected areas (MPAs), and working through local organizations to implement best practices.

Research shows that protecting fish populations from overfishing and pollution is critical to protecting coral reefs. Our team creates, manages, and enhances marine protected areas and coastal estuaries by introducing community-based fishery management strategies, appropriate co-management systems, access rights, enforcement of regulations, and promoting sustainable fisheries.

Clean Water for Reefs

The Coral Reef Alliance secures clean water for reefs by working with local partners to monitor water quality, implement land-based pollution solutions, restore ecosystems, and influence ecosystem management decisions.

Land-based pollution is a major cause of damage to coral reefs. CORAL’s research, advocacy, and field work protects reef ecosystems from land-based sources of pollution. A critical piece of this work is the collection and dissemination of water quality data to empower communities and multi-level decision makers to understand water quality threats and use the data to inform conservation.

Together, We Make a Difference

Coral bleaching is a complex issue, but with collective action, we can make a positive impact. Every effort, no matter how small, contributes to the larger goal of protecting our oceans and preserving their biodiversity for future generations. By donating to our conservation science work, you become a crucial part of this global endeavor.

As stewards of the planet, it’s our responsibility to take action against coral bleaching. By implementing simple lifestyle changes, spreading awareness, engaging with policy makers, and supporting research and conservation initiatives, you contribute significantly to the fight against this ecological crisis. Your donation empowers us to continue our crucial work on understanding, protecting, and restoring coral reefs. Join us today and be a part of the solution.

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