On-Site Monitoring Tools for Coral Bleaching Events

Scientists and researchers around the world are actively responding to coral bleaching events through various initiatives and strategies aimed at understanding, mitigating, and adapting to the impacts of bleaching. Some of the key ways in which organizations are monitoring or tracking coral bleaching events using various on-site methods include:




Mesoamerican Region 


Hawaiian Islands

  • Koa A Corps, Citizen Science, simple way to report bleaching in Hawaiian Islands (presence/absence).
  • Eyes on the Reef, Citizen Science, an early warning system for coral bleaching, coral disease, Crown-of-Thorns Sea Stars (COTS) and marine invasive species in Hawai‘i

South Pacific

New Caledonia 

AustraliaGreat Barrier Reef

East Asia 


  • Philippines Coral Bleaching Watch, Citizen Science, an early warning system for coral bleaching (presence/absence), Crown-of-Thorns Sea Stars (COTS) outbreaks in the Philippines.



  • ReefCheck Malaysia (Network of organizations and citizen scientists are trained to track reef health and bleaching using belt transects).

Indian Ocean

The best method will depend on what you can measure, how you measure it, the longevity of the program, and the financial/human resources available! 

If you monitor coral bleaching and would like to be included in this list please contact us: arivera-sosa@coral.org

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