We’re on a mission to save coral reefs. 
By tackling its biggest threats, we will create a world where coral reefs can adapt and thrive. 

Introduction by Executive Director, Heather Starck

Introduction by Board Chair, Kirby Ryan

Photo by Kellon Spencer

Clean Water for Reefs

Poor water quality is a leading threat to coral reefs around the world. By partnering with local communities, we build robust infrastructure and effective community programs that ensure coral reefs have the clean and clear water they need.


communities partnered with CORAL to build and manage wastewater treatment infrastructure, keeping sewage out of the ocean


bills introduced to the legislature to expedite cesspool conversion in Hawai‘i


gallons of sewage kept out of the water in Roatan, Honduras


water quality monitoring sites established across the Western Caribbean and Hawai‘i that inform conservation interventions


native plants installed in West Maui to prevent sediment from running into the ocean and smothering coral reefs

Sustainable Fisheries

Photo by Antonio Busiello


kilometers of illegal fishing nets were confiscated by patrol boats in Tela, Honduras


fishing associations in the Western Caribbean made a commitment to sustainable fishing practices


increase in fish biomass in Tela Bay, keeping coral reefs healthy and allowing fishers to catch higher-quality products


square kilometers of marine protected areas (MPAs) in Honduras are now effectively managed and protected by patrol boats


kilometers of ocean/coastline surveilled by patrol boats between Utila, Roatan and Tela to ensure illegal fishing actions are prevented and stopped

Photo by Antonio Busiello

Resilient Coastal Communities

Resilient communities are more likely to have resilience coral reefs. We believe conservation begins with the people who depend most on coral reefs. And when they have the tools and resources they need to live healthy, sustainable, happy lives, so do their coral reefs. 


local organizations in the Western Caribbean and Hawaiian Islands were financially supported by CORAL this year to increase protection of coral reefs locally


local community organizations organized to test and protect water quality on Hawai‘i Island


community members received reef-friendly training to be a part of the tourism value chain, increasing household incomes while improving sustainable tourism

Climate Adaptation

Photo by Antonio Busiello


temperature data points were collected to help understand how reef geomorphology links to thermal and genetic variability


scientists and nonprofit partners collaborated with CORAL to advance our understanding of coral adaptation


coral samples from two species were collected in Honduras for genetic analysis to help understand links between reef geomorphology and thermal and genetic variability


scientists attended CORAL’s bleach monitoring training


Scaling Our Impact in 2022

I am incredibly proud of the CORAL team and grateful to our supporters. On behalf of the Board of Directors, thank you for making our 2022 fiscal year successful with more than $4,148,102 in total revenue. CORAL continues to scale our impactful conservation programs and science in an operationally efficient and cost-effective manner. This impact is made possible through the ongoing dedication, involvement, and financial contributions of individuals, foundations, and corporations who believe in the critical importance of protecting and preserving the coral reefs.

Every donation goes to where it is needed most. In 2022, over 78% of our total expenses were directly for program teams’ work keeping corals healthy and giving them a fighting chance against climate change. 

To be in such a secure financial position with so much economic insecurity is a testament to your commitment to saving coral reefs. Thank you for sharing our optimism and hope for coral reefs in the face of climate change. We couldn’t do it without you. 

—Rob Watt, Treasurer

& Support

Revenue and Support

Foundation and government grants$2,530,325
Individual and corporate contributions$1,610,848
Other revenue$6,929
Total revenue and support$4,148,102


Program services$3,088,650
Management and general$406,736
Total expenses$4,026,217
Net Assets

Net Assets

Change in net assets$121,885
Net assets, beginning of year$3,738,228
Total net assets, end of year$3,860,113

Thank you from the CORAL team

Looking ahead, we are optimistic. We know that we can create networks of healthy reefs in a way that allows corals to adapt to climate change. We know this work isn’t going to happen overnight and we can’t do it alone. That’s why we invest so heavily in doing things the right way. It’s also why we take the time to build our  programs in a way that sets communities up for success and empowers them to have ownership over their own resources. It is why we focus so heavily on strong partnerships and thoughtful collaborations. We are, after all, an alliance through and through. 

YOU are a critical  part of that alliance, and our success depends on people like you. Our community is the lifeblood of our work, and we hope you consider supporting these important initiatives into the future.

—Heather Starck, Executive Director



Chris and Melody Malachowsky

W. Scott and Judith N. McNary Charitable Fund

John “Mac” and Leslie McQuown

Nancy and Jason Rosenthal

John Whitley



Zack Boger and Arielle DiGiacomo

Peggy Gennatiempo

David Greenewalt Charitable Trust

Renee Herzing

Doug Huestis and Barb Klencke

Barry Ishikawa

Vani and Shane Keil

Anne London

Jim and Meagan Minarik

Jeffrey and Elizabeth Toretsky

Cathy and David Turino

Robert and Julie Watt


Melissa Aaron and James Winnard


Foster Bam

Erin Berman

Bruce Berning

Tony Birdsey and Dennis Paul

David Blackburn

Gary Block and Justine Johnson

Daniel Brodnitz

Joyce and Roland Bryan

Dale and Julie Butcher

B. Crosby Byers

Joseph and Melissa Casale

Lynann Chance

Walter and Lauren Craig

Dwight “Buzz” and Cindy Danner

John and Sueyin DeBorde

David Demming

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Fred Drennan

Douglas and Martha Dyckes

Michael Eggebrecht

Jennifer and Scott Etter

Beth Fabinsky

Nathan Ferguson

The Bear Gulch Foundation

Susan Freedman

Debbie and Jack Gibson

Cindy and John Glancy

Sandra Glenn

Douglas Golann

Scott Goldstein

Seth and Andrew Greenland

Shaun Griffith

Alex Gutt

Daniel Havir

BAM Foundation

Betsy Hughes

Sarah Israel

Maria Jose Gonzalez

Peter Joseph and Marcy Levine

Pajwell Foundation

David Kahn

Andrew and Sarah Kaplan

The Bernard and Anne Spitzer Charitable Trust

Sarah Kerem

William and Anita Kerr

Murray and Jeanie Kilgour

Kissinger Family Foundation

Marjorie Klayman

Alexander Klein

Mary Kranzlin

Jill and Alex Kreston

The Kuhn Foundation

Eiichiro Kuwana

Craig Laub

Geraldine Lee

Ronald M. Libby

Ouri Lipner

G. P. “Buzz” Avery

Dennis Lund

Tony Lundberg

Whitney Lynn and Travis Townsend

The Nature Defense Foundation

Bradley and Madeleine Mart

Kreg Martin

Brandi Martin

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Christian Family Foundation

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Brian and Heidi Miller

Nancy Munro

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Bob Nakib

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Ashwinjyot Charitable Foundation LLC

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Brian Ring

Jonathan Rothberg

Andrew Sarofim and Katherine Perry

Florian Schleicher

Joyce Sjoberg

Drew Slone

Matthew Smith

Margaret Snowdon Family Fund

Heather Starck

Greg Steele

John Stires and Sarah Heiman

Roshan and James Strong

Mark Stuart

Sarah-Elizabeth Super

Lisa Tabak and Alan Brody

Jennifer Teixeira

Paul Tischler

Jim and Ginger Tolonen

Joyce Tong Oelrich and Mike Oelrich

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David and Joanne Turner

William and Farina van Veen

Mary Lou Velasquez

Wacksman Family Charitable Fund

Patricia Wade

C. Elizabeth Wagner

Ann Marie and William Waller

Philip Weinberg

The Weinstein Foundation

Weisman Family Foundation

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Eric Wichems

Laura Winner

Jennifer Woods Tierney

Jeff Yonover

Katharine and John Youngblood

Dina Zimmerman

Christopher Zirpoli and Rachel Carr

Institutional Funders

10% for the Ocean

Andrew R. and Janet F. Miller Foundation

Argosy Foundation

Atherton Family Foundation

Bonnell Cove Foundation

Flotilla Foundation

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

Hawai’i Department of Health

Hawai’i Community Foundation

Hawai’ian Electric Industries Charitable Foundation

Lillian Lincoln Foundation

Lyda Hill Philanthropies

Mesoamerican Reef (MAR) Fund

Paul M. Angell Family Foundation

The Builders Initiative

The Fairbairn Family Foundation

The Flora Family Foundation

The Kosasa Foundation

The Maxwell/Hanrahan Foundation

The Moore Family Foundation

The Overbrook Foundation

The Summit Foundation

Tiffany & Co. Foundation

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Ball Corporation

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Blue Shield of California

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Estee Lauder Companies

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Hewlett Packard Enterprises

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Income Research


Johnson & Johnson

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Pacific Gas and Electric

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Takeda Pharmaceuticals


The Clorox Company

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Memorials and Bequests

Al Deynzer

Alfred Hagen, Sr.

Anita Bia

Ann Falk

Austin Lamberts

Ben Deeley

Bobby Gatto

Charlene Trader

Charles & Louise Watt

Chase Simmons

Constantina Tjiandra

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Deborah Eccles

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Estate of Susan Walker Bagley Bloom

Estate of Joanne M. Gosling

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William Browne

William Ikuo Sakagawa

Thank you to anyone who made a donation of any amount in 2022.

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Local Project Led by Women Combats Overfishing in Honduras

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