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Thank you for helping us change the trajectory for coral reefs and our planet. We are so grateful for you, the individuals, communities, and partners who have come together to save coral reefs.

As you know, these colorful, diverse ecosystems that are full of life—are also in trouble. Your generous support has advanced cutting-edge science, supported community engagement, and fueled programs that reduce marine threats. You’ve minimized overfishing and reduced the impacts of wastewater pollution. You’ve given scientists the resources to treat coral disease, supported voices that advocate for real climate solutions, and stood up for the future of our planet.

Thank you for protecting coral reefs—we simply couldn’t do this vital work without you.

How You Protected Coral Reefs in 2022

Advancing Maui’s Watershed Restoration Project 

Let’s travel to the island of Maui, Hawai‘i—a place of natural beauty, rich culture, and of course, vibrant coral reefs that we work tirelessly to protect. In 2022, we have advanced our watershed restoration project in West Maui, which focuses on decreasing sediment runoff that reaches coral reefs.  West Maui used to have an abundance… Continue Reading →

From Thriving Fish to Spicy Salsa—Here’s How an Aquaponics System Could Support Coastal Communities 

Did you know there’s a fish tank that produces tasty vegetables, can create economic opportunities, and helps protect coral reefs? It’s called an aquaponics system, and it combines aquaculture and hydroponics to raise fish and grow organic fruits and vegetables.  An aquaponics system relies on a symbiotic relationship between fish and plants. Fish waste fertilizes… Continue Reading →

Local Project Led by Women Combats Overfishing in Honduras

In Tela Honduras, a local farming project is helping to combat overfishing and repopulate the area’s vital coral reefs. The initiative supports local efforts that utilize alternative sources of food and income, in order to support a coastal community that is highly dependent on fishing.  Our financial support, along with assistance from Tela’s environmental committee,… Continue Reading →

Coral Restoration Likely Won’t Be Enough to Save Coral Reefs. That’s Why We Focus on Reducing Marine Threats

Why don’t we focus on coral restoration? It’s a question we, at CORAL, have been asked time and time again.  We address overfishing, minimize water pollution, support local communities, monitor coral bleaching, and lead cutting-edge research on coral adaptation to climate change…but we don’t generally work on coral restoration projects. Our decision comes down to… Continue Reading →

Thank You For Fighting Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease 

Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease (SCTLD), a new illness that kills the soft tissue of more than 25 coral species, has been wreaking havoc underwater in the Mesoamerican Reef region. To fight back, we are working with local partners to stop the spread and ultimately save our valuable coral reefs.  SCTLD moves quickly and has… Continue Reading →

If you are like me, a person who is very sad about coral reefs bleaching, don’t be sad. We can always fix it. We can always make speeches and signs and go protest. We can also support organizations that do research on coral reefs like the Coral Reef Alliance. If we do all of this, then our planet isn’t destroyed and we can save our Planet Earth, our home where we live.

Maya, Age 8

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